About Us


The ESA Group of Companies was established in 1991 to provide a comprehensive service in the mining and construction industries. There were three companies in the ESA Group, namely

ESA Equipment, VAM Auto Parts CC and Trax Plant Hire, which were set up for the sourcing of spare parts for various markets. These have now been merged into:

ESA Equipment, t/a Trax Global Supplies, known as TRAXGLOBAL.


The sourcing & supply of earthmoving, mining, marine, automotive & agricultural spare parts for the local industry has expanded and the group has been exporting into various African countries and Internationally for over 25 years.


TRAXGLOBAL was established to service the East African markets and was established in Kenya and Tanzania and is now a major supplier of equipment and spare parts in many countries in Africa.


Successful importing and exporting of quality spare parts for the past 25 years has ensured an excellent relationship with both OEM and Aftermarket suppliers and manufacturers around the globe. TRAXGLOBAL is in a strong position to offer quick, efficient service and extremely competitive pricing.


Since incorporation, ESA Equipment, and now TRAXGLOBAL has supplied a vast range of products and detailed below is a range that is available from our global suppliers who are based in the U.S.A., Europe & the Far East. Included here are some of the products that we can offer your company in either OEM or Replacement parts, depending on availability and your preference.


No part is too small for us to handle and with our Logistics Company, ensuring that lead times are met efficiently using Courier services when necessary.


TRAXGLOBAL is focused on supplying, spare-parts, tools & equipment to Mining operations, Transporters, Marine companies and Earthmoving Contractors whose operations are in and outside of South Africa’s Borders.

  • To serve our clients with excellence, efficiency and integrity.
  • To develop and maintain close relationships with all customers
  • TRAXGLOBAL strives to maintain its service levels at all time


TRAXGLOBAL services the mining , marine and transport sector in the following countries :South Africa, Angola, Ghana, Senegal, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi, DRC, Madagascar, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Botswana, Namibia and other countries on the African Continent.

We have an alliance with major transport companies in South Africa, which not only enable us to negotiate better rates but also improves on delivery time. We have our clearing agents situated in Nairobi and Mombasa Kenya for shipments to East Africa and items to be shipped further to, Sudan, Rwanda, Uganda, DRC and neighboring countries.


TRAXGLOBAL has formed sound relationships and networks with major manufacturers over a 25 year period, and distributors from the USA, Japan and Europe who source directly from OEM suppliers, consequently ensuring considerable savings to customers. We will always advise our customers of delivery times and ensure we give your company the best possible service. We have a unique advantage in negotiating prices

to provide the customer with the most cost effective solution at all times.


TRAXGLOBAL has appointed distribution agents in : CAPE TOWN, GAUTENG, RUSTENBERG, KWA-ZULU NATAL & WINDHOEK to service all your spares parts needs and requirements.

We offer a weekly international door to door delivery schedule for those urgent breakdown.

Our modes of transport and our Logistics Company specialize in both locally and internationally are : AIRFREIGHT, SEAFREIGHT, ROADFREIGHT, BREAKBULK, CONTAINERISATION & CONSOLIDATION


  • To take service and product supply to a higher level on the African Continent.
  • To be able to offer top quality products at competitive prices
  • We will always strive for improvement and pledge our continued support to all our clients
  • Our clients ALWAYS COME FIRST and we will never compromise them in any way.
  • Corruption is NOT TOLERATED and TRAXGLOBAL will have no relationship with any Company or Employee of any company that wants to deal with us in a corrupt manner.