TraxGlobal are very pleased to announce our new range of NORDIC LIGHTS.
Today NORDIC LIGHTS® can claim to be the world’s best producer of lights for heavy-duty vehicles.

NORDIC LIGHTS® produces premium, high-tech work and driving lights for heavy-duty vehicles in the mining, construction, forestry, material handling and agricultural industries. Productive collaboration with our partners in different branches of industry and continuous strategic investments in our own R&D department, laboratories, and the latest in simulation software has made us experts in lighting technology.

We are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified and our quality management system covers all key processes. Our lights are top-notch in their respective sectors globally and are created in cooperation with our clientele that includes industry leaders like Caterpillar, Liebherr, Sandvik and Komatsu.

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Durable headlight module with top-of-the-line light output and pattern.
TOP PERFORMANCE: Bumblebee’s light output and range places it
amongst the top of the options currently available on the market. The
stunningly even light pattern is free of any streaks or irregularities.
FLEXIBLE: Bumblebee is manufactured as a high beam or low beam
version. The low beam is available in 3 optical variants: left-handed, righthanded
and symmetric. Easy mounting with fascia mount.
ECE APPROVED: Bumblebee is ready to hit the road when you are.


The NORDIC LIGHTS® KL1401 LED work light is an affordable upgrade for your lighting needs.
The KL1401 matches the basic introduction level
needs for heavy-duty lighting and is the right light when replacing halogen work lights.
Key Features
• Cost effective
• Operational lumens output: 2 150 Lumens
• Dimmable


NORDIC LIGHTS® Scorpius N4404 work light offers strong illumination
with an operational lumens output of 3200 lumens. This LED work light
features all characteristics expected of a high-end heavy-duty work
light, offering long lifetime and high operational safety with minimum
maintenance. The Scorpius N4404 is suitable for harsh conditions and
a wide range of applications.

Key Features
• Vibration and shock resistant
• Operational lumens output: 3200 Lumens
• For harsh conditions



NORDIC LIGHTS® Centaurus N4601 QD work light delivers stunning
illumination, it has an operational lumens output of 7 200 lumens. This
LED work light is equipped with the revolutionizing QUAKE dampening
system, taking protection against vibration and shock to a whole new
level. The Centaurus N4601 meets the expectations of the most
demanding situations.
Key Features
• QUAKE dampening system
• Operational lumens output: 7 200 lumens
• For extremely harsh conditions


With NORDIC LIGHTS® Pictor 620 you’ll be sure to hit the bullseye.This LED work light is designed to be mounted on equipment booms or
vehicle bodies for optimized and targeted illumination of a specific work
area. Thanks to its compact and clever design, this low-profile work light is unbeatable in durability.
The mechanical, thermal and corrosion resistance of Pictor 620 is excellent thanks to its Grilamid® lens and new strengthened aluminium housing.
While the Pictor 620 is lightweight and small, it still delivers as many as
1 800 operational lumens and a vibration strength capacity of 15.3 g.
There are two versions available, one with a light pattern optimized for
mounting on the left, right or beneath the vehicle body, and one designed for top mounting. Used in the construction, forestry and mining industries, it is particularly suitable for excavators, telehandlers and other equipment with a boom.