Cat® engine parts are designed and manufactured to work hard as a complete system and be rebuilt for a second life. Design and manufacturing techniques are continually improved to ensure you get state-of-the-art new and remanufactured parts every time.

Caterpillar continually strives to improve component design and manufacturing. We understand that normal engine operation subjects components to extreme stresses and temperatures. Tests have consistently proven that the use of Cat and MaK™ parts (as opposed to competitive parts) greatly improves engine performance and reliability and reduces overall owning and operating costs.

At TraxGlobal – we are able to offer you a full range of GENUINE CAT spares for all your : WHEEL LOADERS, GRADERS, DOZERS, DUMP TRUCKS, BACKHOE LOADERS.

TraxGlobal offers a full line of both Commercial and Recreational Marine Diesel Engines, marine application engineering services and a Global Parts and Service network.

RELIABLE CAT PARTS: Cat and MaK engine parts are designed and manufactured to perform as a system and be rebuilt for a second life, with processes that are continually improved to ensure state-of-the-art quality. Cat and MaK parts are built to exact tolerances and undergo rigorous testing to ensure reliable performance, long life and lower owning and operating costs. 

Parts make a huge difference. From ground engaging tools (GET) and undercarriage, to hydraulic components, linkage pins, filters and fluids, every part contributes to efficient machine operation. Use substandard parts anywhere and you risk compromising the life, performance and cost efficiency of the entire machine. The advanced engineering and quality manufacturing of Cat® wear and maintenance parts ensure that they work and wear as a system to reduce replacement and maintenance costs.  Take a closer look and see the difference that using the right parts can make for your construction operation.